31 March 2020

Research Completed for the New Dad Study - A big THANK YOU to everyone involved

The New Dad Study officially comes to an end today. I am pleased to announce that we managed to recruit sufficient number of first-time fathers and health visitors for this study, which has been a real success! The contributions made by everyone involved have been invaluable. Publications from ealier parts of the study have already been shared on this site. Papers from the final part (study 2) are currently being prepared for publication and the details will be posted here as soon as they are available.

A big thanks to all the men who participated in this study, for sharing their views and personal experiences, without which this study would not have been possible. I am very grateful to all the father advisers (patient and public involvement group) for their stimulating feedback and insightful advice at every stage of the research process. I would also like to thank the health visitors who so willingly participated in this study and provided honest feedback on their practice and experiences, as well as the research midwives and health visitors from the two NHS trusts who helped with the recruitment process.

You can continue to keep up to date with all relevant news relating to NEST by visiting this website. Also don’t forget about the resources section which has lots of useful information relevant to new dads.

Research Completed for the New Dad Study - A big THANK YOU to everyone involved

This website presents the background and aims of a study that is being carried out in London. If you are a new dad (within one year of the birth of your first child) or you are about to become a new dad, and live in the London boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Ealing, Brent or Harrow you may be able to take part and contribute to this study.